The set of the aforementioned services can be provided as a complete package

Due Diligence and Evaluation

By Due Diligence and Evaluation of an Asset (such as plot, building e.t.c) or a Project in e-metron we understand the process of deriving the most “complete picture” of Risks, Challenges, as well as Advantages of an Asset or Project. This “picture” is necessary in order to derive the fair value of the Asset and the “road map” towards purchasing and exploitation by the interested party. Due Diligence and Evaluation integrates:

I. Determine the content of the Data Room.
II. Review all documents (contracts, authorizations, licenses, permits, plans and drawings, certifications e.t.c)
III. Survey of the legal framework applicable to the Asset or Project
IV. Survey of the compliance of possible buildings or structure with the authorized plans of the building permit.
V. Survey of compliance of the building permit (and all licenses and authorizations) with the applicable legal framework at the time issued and currently.
VI. Survey (if applicable) of the current status of the project (budget and time wise), review of all contractor’s contract.
VII. Legal Survey of Property Contracts

Completion of the affirmation tasks conclude to the Final Report which provides a “complete picture” of the Asset.

Project Design and Permitting

e-metron P.C. provides in house Design and Permitting services of a Project. Design services for e-metron integrates all design necessary from green field to a turnkey project. Explicitly:

I. Plot or building Survey and laser scanning
II. Comprehensive Architectural Engineering Services including Interior design, Master planning 3D modelling, working drawings, BOQ, Specification, Tender drawings & documents and Green building design documentation.
III. Comprehensive Structural Design with a team of skilled Civil Engineers who have domain expertise and vast industry experience to build the most sustainable and energy-efficient structures.
IV. Comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Safety Systems design
V. Complete design and documentation package for submission to authorities for every license, authorization, permit necessary and applicable to the project. Present and support the design to applicable official committees and councils in order authorizations, licenses and permits to be issued.

Project Management

A Real Estate project is a highly complex, temporary and unique endeavor to produce buildings landscapes and / or infrastructure that will conclude to added value and beneficial change to community.

In e-metron, we understand Project Management as the process of leading the work of a team, to achieve all project goals within the given time and budget frame. To this end we provide multi-discipline technical expertise that might not be available within your organization. Before construction, we help our clients establish the project’s feasibility, we run a systematic process for designers and consultants selection and award, we prepare the master schedule, build up the budget and establish solid project control tools and procedures. We advise on contracting strategies and manage the tendering process, validating budgets and reviewing design documents for constructability. During construction, we undertake cost and time payments management, and monitor works progress on site. We undertake documents control, quality assurance and reporting. Our responsibility concludes with testing to ensure hand-over of a risk-free investment to the project owner. E-metron’s Project management integrates:

I. Project planning
II. Building the team of necessary consultants (Architect, engineers, designers e.t.c)
III. Design reviews
IV. Permits management
V. Scheduling
VI. Budgeting and cost control
VII. Value engineering
VIII. Contract administration
IX. Tendering and procurement
X. Quality control/inspection
XI. Claims management
XII. Testing & commissioning

Once the detailed design of the project is completed and all necessary permits are issued Construction Phase of the project begins. Construction Management is usually in the scope of a General Contractor. However, it can be provided by e-metron, as a separate mission in case a cost plus method is decided by the owner. Construction Management by e-metron integrates:

I. Bidding and contracting all subcontractors and skilled workers that will be used according detail planning.
II. Bidding and contracting all suppliers of materials and equipment to every day level according detail planning.
III. Everyday Time Planning on site,
IV. Cost Management on site,
V. Quality Management on site,
VI. Contract Administration,
VII. Safety Management on site,
VIII. Works quality survey and billing
IX. Materials and equipment on site receiving, storing and every day managing
X. Every day on site document control (invoices, social security e.t.c), cost controls and management, decision making, shop drawings, record drawings, effective communication and conflict resolving.

Construction Management and General Contracting

Construction management is the detail, on site, every day management of materials, labor and equipment in order to complete planed construction tasks, phases and operation that will conclude to the total delivery of the Project. Construction Management by e-metron integrates a highly skilled team of Architects, engineers, foremen assigned to the project on site that will undertake:

I. Bidding and contracting all subcontractors and skilled workers that will be used according detail planning.
II. Bidding and contracting all suppliers of materials and equipment to every day level according detail planning.
III. On site supervision of subcontractors, or work teams
IV. On site Everyday Time Planning,
V. On site Cost Management,
VI. On site Quality Management,
VII. On site value engineering, design alternatives
VIII. Contract Administration,
IX. On site Safety Management,
X. On site quantity survey of the works of each subcontractor and billing
XI. On site Materials and Equipment Receiving, Storing and every day Managing
XII. On site document control and accounting (materials invoices, social security e.t.c),
XIII. On site decision making,
XIV. Shop drawings, record drawings
XV. Effective communication and conflict resolving.
XVI. On site waste management and regulation compliance
XVII. Communication and compliance with applicable local authorities
XVIII. Connection with all public networks (electricity, swage, water e.t.c)

Construction Management (CM) is usually in the scope of a General Contractor. However, in complex projects, in which detail design will be revised significantly by the owner during construction, Construction Management is mostly requested to be a separate mission as a Cost Plus service. To this end, Direct Cost of materials, labor and equipment is covered directly by the owner although managed by CM under a fee.

e-metron undertakes projects as a General Contractor. By General Contracting e-metron provides all of the material, labor, equipment in addition to Construction Management services necessary for the construction of the total project from green field to turnkey.


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