About Us

e-metron (EMMETΡΟΝ Ι.Κ.Ε) is an Engineer’s Consaltancy and Contracting Company. Its main objective is to provide professional Design, Permitting, Project Management and Contracting services on construction projects. e-metron operates as client’s representative and undertakes on his behalf:

i. Due Diligence and Evaluation of a project with in-house legal and technical team,

ii. In house Design and Permitting of project

iii. Project and Construction management with in-house team of engineers and experts.

iv. General Contracting, within the agreed time frames and budget frames and the requested quality in
accordance with the Client’s requirements.

e-metron L.t.D (ΕΜΜΕΤΡΟΝ ΕΠΕ) was founded in 2006 by Dr. Dimitris Triantos and Emilios Alexiades and upgraded to e-metron P.C. (ΕΜΜΕΤΡΟΝ Triantos Dimitrios ΙΚΕ) by Dr. Dimitris Triantos in 2017 since Mr Alexiadis retired from the company.

e-metron ’s solid team of experienced Engineers, Architects and Lawyers undertake to complete any task associated with a Real Estate Project.

e-metron ’s core business initiated as Project and Construction management, that evolve out of experience in complex large scale projects, to Design, permitting and all legal aspect associated to the industry.


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: 4, Lykavittou Str., 106 71 Athens
Email: info@emetron.gr


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